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In ancient morning,Xu Boa, a slap in the bracelet, although precious,But not what value in the city。
More and their identity,As long as there is money,What I can’t buy?。
And they like this,The least amount is money。
Ancient morning,Since the joy of concealing in the summer。
Even for this bricklock,I went at Xu Bo。
Not just him,All people are also curious,All look at the bracelet in the hands of the summer。
“Summer,Does this brick chain value??”
Gu Chen asked everyone’s doubts。
“valuable?Of course value。”
Summer laughs and hopes,Rotate,“Your so-called‘Ocean heart’Compared with it,It is a slag。”
Ancient morning mouth,The more and more rich in the smile,Stare at the bracelet,Say,“This brickle should be a sheep fat jade in soft jade.,Um,Sheep fat jade is very precious,Summer, there is a value ratio of Shanghai Yang,I don’t believe it.。”
Say,He looks to Xu Bo of a face,“Xu Shao,I have nothing else.,hope you do not mind。”
Xu Bo is gloomy,Do not speak。
He did not leave because of being slapped,Cold and cold,“This brickle is indeed a sheep fat jade,I have been in five years.。”
“hehe,I heard the summer。”
Ancient morning smiles,“Although I am not as good as those Jianbao master,But it is also involved in jade,The so-called gentleman has no reason,Jade is not,I don’t know if Xiao can solve everyone,What is the difference between this branch?,Hehehe。”
“why are you laughing?”Summer looked up,“I’m curious,You always keep smiling every moment.,You succeed。”
Ancient morning face,Zhang Zhangzhu,Actually don’t say。
Everyone in the hall is also a stay。
And at this time,Summer mouth is a strange smile,Also,“You are too tender,Yes, I can see your trick.,Bigns also become a laughter,You think you are very good?Beijing’s four major?Shower。”
Ancient morning converges smile,Summer stare。
The atmosphere is also dignified in an instant。
“Don’t you want me to make http://www.csjlife.cn it ugly??”
Looking at him in summer,The tone is a ridicule that does not have a hidden,“Unfortunately, Laozi wants you to be disappointed.,Sheep fat jade?I don’t seem to know everything.,who do you think You Are。But it is an idiot that is laughing.!”
It’s not amazing.。
Never thought,Summer suddenly and ancient times,And connected to the opposite。
Ancient morning。
The first of the capital。
Even if I have a guest, I have a guest.,Equal treatment。
More than the jealous and fear of your youth generation,He once is insulting。
Liu Qingqing, which is not far away, is opposed to Su Xiaoxue,Everything is coming in the eyes。
“no need to worry,I know that little bastard than you.,He is definitely going to take the water.。”