“All right,You are all lying to me!I understand,You hurry up,I will never see you again!but,You will regret it after all!”Bai Ling said angrily。

Lu Yi chooses to leave,After closing the door of the ward,There was a faint cry of Bai Ling sobbing。Although I feel uncomfortable,But it’s more of a calm and comfortable,With Braun,Both people will no longer be what they are,Think if you live in hypocrisy,Just like a goldfish in a fish tank,Love stranded is only a matter of time。
however,Lu Yi won’t know at this time,I wanted to http://www.juxinwang.cn break this ignorant self as soon as possible,But fell into a mutual torment with the goddess of Bailing、A long see-saw journey。
After being muddled along the way,Lu Yi back to the dormitory,Can’t worry about being hungry,Fell on the bed,Fall asleep。
I do not know how long it has been,About noon,Someone pushed open the door of the dormitory,Come to Lu Yi。
“Yo!Why did Little Cyclone come to our dorm??”Lu Yi’s roommate Ahua asked。
“Come and invite my master out of the mountain。”Zhang Song pointed to Lu Yi who was sleeping。
“We Lu Yi male god,Already sealed myself in the barrier,To be completed,To see you。”Dong Ge in the dorm joked。
Dong Ge is the most mature man in law school,He was admitted to university after four years,Being in the world is always different。Others his age,Either in graduate school,Either male or female in graduate http://www.qhdjhpm.cn school,Only he is studying physiological reactions。
“Lu Yi’s live confession video has been circulated throughout the campus,And Lu Yi didn’t come back all night,Could it be……”Jianfang, who was about to go out to practice martial arts, smirked.。
“anyway,Lu Yi wins glory for our dormitory,As dormitory principal,I decided to let him treat us to dinner as compensation for leaving the group!”Dong Ge said。
“Great!”Ah Hua and Jianfang raised their hands in agreement,After all, as the first person in the dormitory to end the fate of a single dog,And it’s the one who chased the recognized goddess of school flowers,Should be skinned,A thousand knives。
“what?Who is going to have dinner?”The hungry Lu Yi heard the food,Get up from bed,What I saw was my little whirlwind Zhangsong sitting on the edge of the bed。
“Is it my master?!Actually confessed the goddess of success on the stage of the singer contest,Unexpectedly, Master, your pick-up skills are as outstanding as game skills!It’s a pity that I was taken away by security and didn’t see http://www.ningbodianqi.cn this scene!”Zhang Song is flattering,Regretfully。
“Who is your master!”Lu Yi denied。
“Watch your master’s video,handsome or not?”A Hua directly showed Zhang Song the confession in the phone。A group of people are booing,No one cares about Lu Yi’s opinion。Simultaneously,The sound of the video coming from the phone: