Mingli smiles,I’m looking forward to it,“Xiao Tian,A few days to help the old uncle a busy,Can’t reject。”

Just talk,The old man suddenly dissatisfied and snorted.,“Rumor!”
Mingli once again,“dad,I am not,But it is really not sure。”
“I didn’t grasp it.?”Master is reluctant,“Do you know how big is this?,I have passed it into my ears.。”
Seeing two things like,Summer is more strange,Can’t help but ask,“What exactly?”
“You let him say。”The face of the old man is somewhat uncomfortable,“The study of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is called the aged generation.,Profoundly,Yuanyuan,Bo in the feelings,Essential research,Well in history,But recently, it was said to be pseudoscience.,It is even silence into a http://www.lamamai.cn feudal superstition.,Xiao Tian,If you have time, follow the old four,Learn to teach those mortars for me。”
Summer looks in Mingli。
Eye gods。
However, he noticed that Liu Qingqing next to it is a look.,It seems to know what。
She sees the summer face in the summer,Gently say,“Uncle,What you said, but recently, the boiling Chinese and Western Medicine?”
Mean this,Minglie is also an indignant。
He just said to continue,Suddenly,Summer mobile phone came from a hurricane。
See the above number,Summer picking your eyebrows,I am apology for a few people,Standing up and walking out,At the same time。
“Summer……Are you??”
Out of the earpiece is like a voice like a sound,The sound is aweed in a wing。
Summer laughing,“It turned out to be Miss Dust,I don’t know what to meet。”
Dusty fairy。
The person who calls is really one of the three beauty of Beijing.,Dusty fairy。
“Summer,Zhang Shaohua’s thing,I already know。”
It seems that the sarcasm in the summer tone,The sound of dust is very nervous,“Summer,You don’t misunderstand,Zhang Shaohua is not a matter of relationship with me.。”
She is afraid of summer thinking in summer.,Accelerate,“In fact, I will meet you last time.,I have been waiting for the opportunity to kick Zhang Shaohua.。”
Summer narrowed eyes。
Dusty fairy continues,“Zhang Shaohua is following my time,Hold,But he did not endure the temptation,I have colluded with Xiao Xinyu’an dark.,So I found an excuse to send him to discuss business.,Take the opportunity to make some arrangements,I am a woman after all.,Zhang Shaohua’s ambition is getting bigger and bigger……”
Summer interrupted her,“I believe you,If you call just to say these,No need to go to your heart,And I have said,You don’t owe me?,There is no need to whisper in front of me.。”
Dusty and sleep,Also,“Is such a summer,This time, Zhang Shaohua returned to Beijing, brought a person called Xu Bo.,I want to have seen Xia University.,He is a person in South China.,Xu family almost monopolized in South http://www.mobi-x2.cn China,He followed Zhang Shaohua to Beijing,What is to cooperate with me?。”
Toned,Also,“But according to my investigation,I found that Xu Bo is very busy.,He also contacted some mysterious people in private.,I don’t know what I am practicing.,And I met him two days ago.,Talking out a message,In addition to the family,He seems to have a big background,Want to with the people in Beijing in Beijing,Not long ago,When I go to the hospital to visit Zhang Shaohua,I met Xu Bo,He slammed the summer in front of me.,It is even more implicit in words.,As long as I work with him,He guarantees you to defeat the fame,Even disappeared in this world……”
NS1122chapter Original
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NS1122chapter Original
The sound of dust in the handset,Summer face is unconsciously。
In fact,When Xu Bo shows the strength http://www.ozmilk.cn of God-level peak and the ability,He also missed a touch。
Just a moment。