really,This person is scared to be stupid。

Blue Xin cleaned up the office,Prepare to go to the 11th floor of the clothes room。
The Journey is thinking about the news that his friend will send him today.,Look at Blue Xin asked:“lady,My friend has recently had a clothing exhibition program,Want to join hands with the lady in this year’s Jiangyou Exhibition,Talk about the design inspiration of the lady in these years,Lady interested……”
“My lady is not interested。”Yourn commentary has not finished,Lu Hao rejected the Blue Xin。
Blue Xin:“……”she……Interested。 The live broadcast is very hot now.,She is going to go to the 11th floor to match it??
Korean Crystra has invited hernTime,She has no time to go,I just have time today.。
Wei Jinyi,Laugh:“President,You just didn’t say it.。”
“Um,I haven’t heard anything.,I only heard someone put a fart.。”Lu Hao is unhappy, sitting in a chair,Watching a cool look。
His wife is so beautiful,He can’t hide it.,He also wants his wife to do live broadcast,This is no eye-catching assistant,It is getting less like.。
Quanjinki mouth smoked:“……”Lying in front of the lady,President,Your life is weakened.。
Lan Xin did not say anything,Lu Haozheng doesn’t like,She will slowly let him like it.。
“When did the autumn fashion week start??Is the time set??”This fall, the color is more than the past,Many colors。
She is actually looking forward to。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Not fixed yet。
“Row,Then I go to the eleventh floor。”
“Eat lunch,I have already sent it.。”Lu Hao is serious,The dark eyes are quite a bit of a bit of threat to Lan Xin。
Once you can don’t get from Han Jingjing’s Blue Xin:“……”
She silently sat back.。
Jiefin:“……”This is wrong.,How to become a lady to seek life。
“Jiefin,Are you very idle??Help me, Dingchen Hotel at night,I have to go to the past at night.,Let them prepare lobster。”
Yingjin,understood,Sin of sin here,Lobster。
This is a slap in the face of a sugar.,He also likes it very much.。
He didn’t eat lobster.。
“Yes Yes Yes,President,I will do this.,But there is one tonight.oNational cooperation……”
“Let Ou Jing。”Lu Haocheng thought about the woman named Chu,He is disgusting。
He does not cooperate,The other party is actively sent to the door.。
“Euro Secretary,This case is the president from the head to the end.,Let you go,He wants to go home。”The Journey is big, and the gall is,Low head standing in place。
Lu Hao Cheng:“There is a daughter.,I don’t even have work.。”
Lu Haozheng,This one of the children followed the magic.。
How to pet to no money?
Blue Xindao looks at the angry Lu Haozheng,He never likes to entertainment。
“Ah Cheng,Don’t go to Chen Yu Hotel invenience notals.,I will accompany you to entertain。”
“no,You can’t go,You can’t drink。”Lu Haicheng rejected her request。