[How to make fresh broad beans crispy]

[How to make fresh broad beans crispy]

Broad beans are a kind of beans that many people like to eat. Fresh broad beans are particularly common. This way, fried broad beans are the most common method. Good broad beans are crispy and crispy. If you want to make broad beans,It ‘s more crispy. There are certain tricks. First, soak the broad beans in water instead of soaking them, at least for 2 to 3 days, so that the broad beans can be foamed much larger than the original, then control the moisture, thenFried.

How can fresh broad beans be fried to make them crispy?

There are some tricks for fresh broad beans. Some broad beans must be dried to dry, otherwise the fish is crispy and crispy, and cut in the middle after being soaked to make it easier to taste. There are also many tips.Learn how to make fresh broad beans.


First prepare the broad bean salt and star anise pepper and fragrant oil, then pour the water into the pot and add the star anise and fragrant leaves 2.

After the fire is boiled, turn off the flame, and then pour the seasoning water into the pot of dried broad beans. Pour more water, otherwise, put the dried broad beans into the water and suck it out3.

Cut it in half with a knife after soaking for a night so that the broad beans will not be splashed with oil due to heat when fried4.

After soaking, remove the dry water, let it cool for 24 hours, and put it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours5.

Pour the oil into the pan, add the cold oil to the broad beans, and fry it on high fire. When frying, be sure to flip it 6.

Deep-fried until the bean husks are open, it means that the broad beans are crispy and can be removed. After the oil is heated to 8 and the green smoke comes out, it can be poured into broad beans 7 again.

Turn off the fry in about 1-2 minutes, remove the dry oil and add it to the pan, then add salt and season.

Tips for the practice of fresh broad beans: 1.

The broad beans are soaked in water for 1,2 days and then fried. The reason is to make the broad beans larger. However, if you fry the oil in the oil pan after soaking, it will be particularly wet, resulting in not crispy frying.It’s important, the most important thing is to dry the water, usually it takes 1 day, so that the water inside the broad beans can evaporate a little.


Freeze the dried broad beans in the refrigerator, and then fry them in the oil pan. This will make the broad beans from extremely cold to very hot, and they will be particularly crispy after 2 days of ice and fire.


Cutting the soaked broad beans in half can always avoid splashing oil, and it can also evaporate moisture and heat.


Slowly fry it in cold oil so that it won’t fry the outside and the inside is not cooked.


The purpose of re-frying once is to make the broad beans more crispy and taste better.