Yang Shiyun replied shyly,But he didn’t hide the happy look on his face。

“Are you hungry?How about we find a place to eat first?”
Qin Liang asked Yang Shiyun with concern。
“Let’s pick up Liu Dongrong and her mother first,Then take their wives to a meal together。”
Yang Shiyun thought about it。
“Yep,This idea is good,Listen to you。”
Qin Liang nodded immediately and agreed,So I went directly to Liu Dongrong’s house。
When I saw Liu Dongrong,She is ready for everything,Both mother and daughter changed into new clothes,Lovely daughter,Mom is elegant,and,Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun think;Liu Dongrong is a very beautiful woman。
“Haven’t you eaten yet??Shall we go have a meal together??I invite you two。”
Although Liu Dongrong can’t wait,But still maintain the proper etiquette。
“The meal is to be eaten together,but,Yes we please,This is our rule,Don’t fight with us,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang answered her with a smile。
“How embarrassed,You are here to help us,How can I have you treat。”
Of course Liu Dongrong will politely refuse。