“Don’t talk nonsense upstairs,Huihui was slandered some time ago,You say so,How to let her live?”

“Yep,She just didn’t do any work,We have to encourage her……For example, let her peel a few more cucumbers,Hahaha……”
“Pea yellow is the most funny,They seem to be making clay,I’m all fighting!This round is a bit hanged!”
After all the hardships,The girls from the two teams finally got the Master’s approval,Full load。
After a long toss,Finally returned to the studio。
Guests invited in the first phase,No announcement before,But wait till the door is opened,When Su Mo, wearing a casual suit and turtleneck sweater, came out,Not just the audience in front of the screen exclaimed,9A“Meteor girl”They,Behave more exaggerated。
Like Meng Yun and Liang Yu,Just rushed up,Holding Su Mo and not letting go。
Su Mo can’t laugh or cry,It took a while to comfort some of my little fans。
The audience watching the variety show was also shocked。
“@Xiaoqing,Come quickly,Your idol actually appeared on the show!”
“Gosh,I am not dreaming?Su Mo hasn’t appeared in variety shows for several years!”
“Yes,How much does it cost?Shanhai.com is really willing?”
“Why do you make us so unbearable?He will be on variety shows for money?Funny you?!”
“Correct!Su Mo is such a cleanliness person,Never do anything specifically for money,This time,Mostly because I owed Teacher Lu a favor before.!”
“Right!How about our sister Xiaofeng’s face??Su Mo came here mostly because of his face!”