Boom boom boom!!!Lin Yu’s words just fell。

A huge palm appeared in the sky。
And attacking Lin Yu’s grandeur,Attack Lin Yu at this moment。
boom!Almost,When he is about to attack Lin Yu。
Majestic was suddenly hit by the palm of the Tathagata,The whole person flew three meters away。
A squirt of blood from the mouth。
people,I regained my sanity at this moment。
“Do not,impossible,It’s impossible。”
The magnificence repelled by the palm of the Tathagata,The face is full of unbelievable expressions。
Because I’m already enchanted,But I still can’t beat Lin Yu, an early-level person。
Words fall!Another spit of blood。
then,The body suddenly banged,Explode。
Sadako who just got up from the big pit,Suddenly roar。
unfortunately!Even yelling,It’s useless。
Because of the grandeur of the moment,Already wiped out。