Zhang Yuantu patted the pistol on his waist and http://www.cwj-dj.cn said:“But I applied bezoar powder on the bullet,If it works,Hold ten for a while,Just……”

Zhang Yuantu took a look at the front cockpit,Speak lower:“I’m afraid they can’t protect the captain!”
“This is easy to handle,After the plane lands,Let them take off and fly away!”
And at the airport console,Several pairs of eyes are staring at the plane http://www.renlw.cn hovering in the sky,And behind them are the corpses of more than a dozen airport staff。
843 Two dozen fifty
Inside the console,One of them said:“Boss,The plane has circled the sky several times,Are they suspicious!”
The person called the boss sneered:“They are not gods,Above the sky several hundred meters,Impossible to find us!”
Suddenly another person shouted:“Boss,The plane is about to land!”
The boss said excitedly:“Let brothers prepare,They act immediately after getting off the plane,If you can catch Chen Xiu alive,It is definitely a great achievement in front of the ancestors of Baihu!”
The person who spoke before said worriedly:“I heard that Chen Xiu and Zhu Huiwei、Zhang Haibao and they took Guo Jing、Wu Hua they all killed,I’m afraid it’s not easy for us to catch Chen Xiu alive!”