Twenty-seventh,All over the sky,Li Hui Feng lived in the house.,Then let Xu Ru are resting well.,When he went back to the town, he promised to find the wild rabbit in the mountain.。

There are a lot of winter in winter.,Hare,There are still many winter mushrooms in the mountains.。
Everything is best,But because it is too busy.,Li Hui has no time to get。
Xu Ru is prompting little fox in the room,Let Li speak,She is very good alone here.。
Go to the town,Shen Tian Si directly held a meeting in the town,Especially the name of the name to criticize Lotus Village。
Although there is no glory on the Xu Lai Fucheng,But this thing Xu Laifu has to be next,After all, the village head of Lianhua Village is him.。
This thing about Lianhua Village,Shen Tian Si also has no good idea for a time.。
After all, in his http://www.jinxingrq.cneyes,People in lotus village are really no money ten times compensation,But now the other party caught this one to death.。
“Do you have any good suggestions?,Can help Lianhua Village through this crisis,As long as there is boldly,If you can solve,I personally pay for him.。”
Everyone is silent,Who can there be a good way??
And now there is a reporter in the village of Lianhua Village.,Those things reported,There is no one to stand in Lotus Village.。
Time to help,Not only the benefits, I am afraid, I am afraid I will provoke a big.。
“So many people don’t have an idea.?”
Shen Tian Si did not expect to encounter key things,So many village director presents are not issued。
“Xu Fu,You talk about how to do this thing right,This kind of thing is not the first time it happened?
Li had to sign a contract with your village,A village,Li pit the people in your village,Li also made mistakes just as,People around the door,Ask people for money。”
“Now,People is the magic of the big boss,Ten times compensation,You people in the village did not put a fart,We were told to take the money do not say,Now Nabu Qi money,People have sent reporters to the,They know the next step going to do it?”
Shen days thinking more gas,Originally Lotus Village development is one of the best village,Now do not get the results not as good as development。
Xu Fu also do not know how to answer this question,Direct shook his head and said they did not know。
“People would take the next step to raid the judiciary,do you know?
That is not the Lotus Village Lotus Village,Soon this place will be no Lotus Village。”
“You think about a village two-thirds of people homeless,This village is the village before it?”
Xu Fu also did not think things will become so serious。
“Deal,No way,They just have no money yet,Not do not pay back the money。”
Xu Fu words do not say okay,Come out,Shen days of thinking is anger irrevocable。
This would also like to have time to quibble?
I know you have no money to village,Do you know your village money,But leaders know?
People across the country know?
Do you know how to say your village on the newspaper??
You know how to say it news?