“Sputum,Dare to get the ax。”

The ghost soldiers around me were immediately shot.。
Blink,The little gods that those believers were proud of them were torn into a rare.。
“Take care of the law,Help。”
“Take care of the law,I don’t want to die.。”
Zhou Xing low,When I didn’t hear it:
“Ghost king。They can leave,but。”
“I know what you have to say.。You can see the Dragon corpse in the past now.。”
Zhou Xingfang。
If you pay some expense, you can get the dragon corpse.,That certain http://www.szht92.cn very worth。
“Ghost king,Please help yourself。”
Lin looked at Zhou Xing has been relaxed.,You have to do it.。
A thought,《Ruyi》Break out。
Directed from Zhou Xing’s back。
Inverting the heart of the ghost king。
It is best to be a double carving。
The ghost king did not expect someone to attack。
Since the speed is too fast,Can’t open,It’s hard to get a hard student.。
《Ruyi》After inserting it chest,The ghost king did not respond。
Zhou Xing’s incredible low head,Look at the hole of your chest,Back,After seeing Lin,Tongue。
I didn’t think I would be so easy to plant it here.,Still attracted。
Zhou Xing fell to the ground,The body of the body is scattered。
Those ghosts see these people to run,I will rush to stop,The two gangs played together.。
The body of the corpse did not have a http://www.bssea.cn bad body,How can I be a ghost opponent?,It’s not long before it was surrounded.。
Lin Rong is very contempt to the strength of the body.,After how long, I will be annoying.,There is only one left now.,A little panic。
Prepare to let the situation http://www.fangxiandani.cn will mess up,Lin loud idea,《Ruyi》Ghost king in hand,Actually。
Ghost king exposed yellow tooth smile:
“This little thing deals with me or something is。”
Lin ringing a reminder:
“are you sure?”
Pure Yang’s gas,《Ruyi》Wearing the back of the ghost king,Return to wear the ghosts surrounded by the corpse.。