When the nearby fishing boats rushed to join in the fun, they found,That bigham actually died for a long time,The meat inside is rotten.。

Later, some people came out of the grandfather grandfather.。
At the beginning, people also asked the West.,But the grandfather of Xiaohua will not recognize it.。
And come over,His life has not become better,No one can see the legendary people。
“Since this,Why do you have to be separated from http://www.mirrorquick.cn three??”
“Me……In fact, I don’t believe that he is a bead.,Be……Be……”
“What is it?!”
“Just feel fun,I want to scare him……”
Summer a pair of eyes become inconsistent。
He raised his legs on the face of the white wolf,Suddenly blurred,Fly down and fly out。
Screaming,The white eyes is like a mourning of the wild and dead money.,Roll up and roll back。
Summer is indifferent,The killing in the eyes is getting more and more obvious.。
This born two people,Just for a fun,I have five different people in five.。
The grandfather grandfather is even more than the guy.,Can’t afford to。
If you don’t have a scruple?,I really want to live this scum now now.!
Going to the past,One foot is on the opponent’s thigh。
Squeaky,Bone fragmentation sounds。
The scream of scream is simply piercing the people’s ears.。
Summer faceless expression,Another foot,Another leg is the same。
Four weeks,Look at。
Villagers stunned,Look at。
The old villager hurriedly covered the eyes of the small flower.,There is a complexity between the look。
“Since I feel fun,Then you will play in a wheelchair in the middle of your life.。”
NS2595chapter A sensation caused by a video
Summer and the scenery at the same time。
late at night。
A message is like a wind,Almost within a very short time,Safe, the north of Jiangnan。
http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn What caused this matter,A video from a forum from a network。
Video,A man is standing on the ground。
His feet,Lying in a dense numbness,All are mournful, hit the legs.。
Shooting video angles and distance is not ideal,Not very clear,Obviously use mobile phone shooting。
The owner of the upload video claims,Talk to people in video,One person knocked over 100 people。