Open the box for a moment,Jin Guang is hidden,Golden needle is straight,Did not have the same feeling before。

These changes make Li Xiang Feng feel surprised。
But thinking about it, I have to give Zhao’s helpless.,He has not too much research,Instead, I took the gold needle.。
Zhao Da Ge?”
When I got out of the door, I was still rinsed with the wind. I didn’t see people.。
“Where can I go?,I have been lying in the air-conditioned house.,The guy is very enjoyable.。”
Zheng Tiancheng is also a bit speechless to Zhao,Although he knew that he would play,Will enjoy,But I didn’t expect to come to Li with the wind. It is directly that I still eat it.,I have already slept.。
“Hey-hey,Soon, he knows what is exclusive.,Zheng Da Ge,I will help me for a while.。”
Seeing Li Hui Rong took the rope,Zheng Tiancheng has a little confused。
“Li brothers,Why do you take a rope??”
“Hey-hey,Of course, give him a disease.,Otherwise I am afraid that he will not be honest for a while.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng directly entered Zhao Wuji Room,Entered the house,He felt a cool,At first glance, I opened a 16 degree.,You know this summer,Summer Li Hui Feng feels that it is basically enough for twenty-three degrees.。
“Li brothers,What do you take a rope??”
Somehow,After being chased by big white,Zhao Wuyi now sees Li Hui Feng,The first time I always feel that the other party is in a bad idea.。
“Hey-hey,Zhao Da Ge,Just give you a disease,You now bundle yourself or let me work with Zhengda,Of course, if you don’t want to treat diseases,I will turn my head now.。”
Li Hui Feng said seriously,But Zhao has a constant drum.。
Just when Zhao is extremely hesitant,Li Hui Feng is directly holding a rope outward.。
Zhao Wuyi saw this scene is also anxious.,Nearly screamed:“That I chose to treat diseases。”
Thirty-two chapter gold needle change
At this time, Zhao has no choice.,Come here is treatment。
Think of those words that doctors said,He feels not to say bundle.,Just play the pattern of the game.,As long as the disease can cure everything is worth it。
Li Huihe heard Zhao Wuyi,The face is also a smile that is stunned.。
“Hey-hey,Zhao Da Ge,How much do you have so early?。”
After that, I will start with Zheng Tiancheng to bundle the real bundle of Zhao’s helpless.。
The first time was bundled,Zhao said no feeling in the heart,But when I saw that Li Hui’s unparalleled gold needle,His whole people are 懵。
“Li brothers,You won’t use such a long gold needle.?”
“Yup,It will have a little pain,Maybe you can’t help but,do not worry,Towels, I will also prepare you.,If you can’t stand,Can bite towel,If you don’t have to call it out.,Of course, it is best for Zhao Da Ge or more people to bear a little.,After all, the longer the time endure.,The more the effect is more significant。”
After that, Li Hui’s golden needle is directly fired.,Directly piercing Zhao Wuji。
A moment of gold needle,Zhao has no great pain,Instead, there is a cool feeling that can’t be said.,Very comfortable。
Tight is the urgency of the pot,Inextricate,Falun,门,Covered hole。