“Oh!Didn’t your family choose to fight against Li Tieyuan??”

Xia Jian lowered his voice,Tentatively asked。
Lei Lei said with a cold smile:“Business competition is the weak,The capable。We are bidding for the reconstruction of two shanty towns in Bucheon,Not robbing him of Li Tieyuan,But to grab business with many merchants”
“thats right。Which of your Uncle Liu has good skills,I http://www.yqzuche.cn feel the strength in his hands is great”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Asked very casually。
Lei Lei nodded and said:“You guessed it right,He retired because of a mistake in the special team。Don’t look at his age,But ordinary young people are really not opponents in front of him。He came this time,Is investigating which car accident,Once found out,I can’t just leave it alone”
“It might be a little difficult for him to check it out!”
Xia Jian was talking,Took a bite of the dish。
Lei Lei smiled and said:“How could he be alone?He has a small team of six,All are elite。Collect personal information,Investigate some business insider,There are two brushes。Of course, Uncle Liu has many missions this time”
Lei Lei is here,Suddenly stopped,She may think she is talking too much。
Xia Jian is a smart man,He can’t ask anymore,Ask too much for fear of exposure。So he ate,He glanced at his watch on purpose and said:“Time is almost up,Let’s get a needle!”
Xia Jian stood up and left,Lei Lei still wants to persuade Xia Jian to eat more。But seeing Xia Jian’s fast movements,When she reached her mouth, she had to swallow it again。
Xia Jian went to the bathroom,Wash your hands and mouth well,Which room of Zhang Fenglan did you enter?。Sun after noon,The sunlight was splashed into half of the room through the glass window。When Xia Jian went in,Zhang Fenglan was half lying in bed with closed eyes。
Don’t think Zhang Fenglan’s daughter is so old,But look away,I really can’t tell her actual age。Can use half old milfs,The charm still exists to describe her beauty。
“Oh!President Xia,I don’t know if you are done。Lei Lei is a little headstrong,You must not be angry with her。I haven’t had any pain in my leg this time,Just now……”
“It’s ok!I can see http://www.dlhaolinju.cn it right away。How about this!Stop it after finishing today,I think the effect is better than expected,This is something to be happy about”
Xia Jian walked over and closed the curtains,At this time Lei Lei also followed in from behind。She closed the door as soon as she came in。
Because my daughter is here,Zhang Fenglan may be considering her daughter’s face,So she changed the subject and said:“Has Mr. Xia heard that Fuchuan City will develop two major projects?”