[Can you drink soy milk by eating persimmons]_Recommended diet

[Can you drink soy milk by eating persimmons]_Recommended diet

  Modern people like to keep healthy, and every morning a cup of soy milk is also essential for health. Every morning a piece of bread with a cup of soy milk has become the standard breakfast for office workers, but sometimes we do n’t notice the matching of soy milk. Many foodsConsumption with soy milk can cause adverse reactions.

  Can you drink soy milk by eating persimmons? It is experimentally verified that persimmons and soybean milk cannot be eaten together, because persimmons contain a substance called acid. This sulfuric acid is mixed with protein to produce chemical action and solidify into pieces.The content is high. If persimmon and soy milk are eaten together, stones will be produced and the body will be adversely affected.

  What foods cannot be eaten with persimmons?

  1. The persimmon and kelp should not be eaten together. The principle of eating persimmon and kelp together with persimmon and soybean milk is the same. It is easy to cause stones and cause gastrointestinal upset.

  2, persimmon and wine bogey eating persimmon and wine belong to the cold Xin encounter, easy to cause intestinal obstruction, leading to metabolic disorders of poor digestion.

  3, persimmon and goose meat do not eat the protein in goose meat is called full-value protein, which is a high-quality protein, while eating meat with persimmons will form salty acid protein, which can be fatal in severe cases.

  4. Don’t eat persimmon and crab together. Persimmon and crab are cold foods. If they are eaten together, it will cause excessive cold in the stomach and hurt the spleen and stomach.

Moreover, the protein content of crabs is also high, and vomiting and diarrhea may occur when eating with persimmon.

  In summary, you must pay more attention when eating persimmons. You cannot eat them with high-protein foods. In addition to some of the above, squid, acid vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc. cannot be eaten with persimmons.Can cause gastrointestinal disorders, which can be fatal in severe cases.