So the saying people often say;Men and women match,Not tired from work,That definitely makes sense!

“Good you little yellow girl,Dare to say that we are old monks!Against you!If we were old monks,Are you just a little nun?!”
Director Zhao deliberately scowled and said。
“How could she be a little nun?We have the little brother-in-law of the Criminal Police Team,Even if she is a little nun,Now he’s also a little nun。”
With Yishin’s hearty voice,Liu Yong smiled and walked in from the door。
Yang Shiyun is completely desperate,Even my master made fun of myself like this,I can’t live this day!
“What are you!Want to call you!No matter how big or small I talk to the master?Moreover,I haven’t asked you to settle the account yet!You haven’t finished the task I gave you,You are so embarrassed to talk to me?”
Liu Yong asked Yang Shiyun unceremoniously!
Yang Shiyun was stunned!Anxiously asked,She can’t remember what task Liu Yong has given herself!
“You promised me to let me bring you a baby as soon as possible,Are you done?I once told you;When will you give me a baby grandson?,When will you come back to work,You won’t pretend to forget?”
Liu Yong asked frankly。
“……”Yang Shiyun is stupid!What’s the situation!what is it today!Why everyone cares about their personal feelings,I just asked myself when to send you a wedding candy,This is good,The wedding candy hasn’t been sent yet,Just jump to what
When is it time for everyone to have babies?!Do you want such a fast time?
“Why don’t you talk?Don’t you always speak well??That little mouth puffed up forever,Like a machine gun?Why is it stuck now?Still out of bullets?”
Liu Yong endured a smile and continued to ask。