There are many ways to keep others,But like Liu Xiaoyun’s use“If you go,I’ll find a man”Way to keep Qin Liang,It’s probably the first in the world。

Girls who can keep others in this way are absolutely rare,And the girl who can play a vital role in Qin Liang in this way,Not many,But Liu Xiaoyun happens to be a!
“Ugh……you win。”
After hesitating for a moment,Qin Liang finally compromised。
There is only one reason for Qin Liang to compromise:Liu Xiaoyun is a girl who speaks her words,If Qin Liang really goes away in anger,Then this girl would be really angry and I don’t know where to get a boyfriend back!
Qin Liang will never take this risk!and so,Compromise has become his only choice at the moment。
“Thank you for staying for me。”
Liu Xiaoyun is not triumphant,Just the opposite,She thanked Qin Liang in a low voice in a very grateful tone。
“Thanks for the wool thread,Something practical if you want to thank,It’s useless to say thank you,That’s not thanks,That’s flicker。”
Qin Liang said unwillingly。
He really wanted to leave,But Liu Xiaoyun was forced to stay,So he is unwilling!But it’s useless to be unwilling,Don’t compromise if you have the ability,Keep going your own way,Let girls“cry”Go!But the problem is that you can leave without compromise for the sake of face,But the one who cried last is probably Qin Liang himself……
“Then what do you want?”
Liu Xiaoyun deliberately boldly asked Qin Liang,She knew that she shouldn’t ask,Asking it is equivalent to the rhythm of digging for yourself,But the situation is special at this moment,So she bit the bullet and took the risk。
“Come,I tell you what i want……”
Qin Liang put his mouth close to Liu Xiaoyun’s ear,Whispered a few words。