Hear Lynn’s guarantee,The PE teacher who was still worried couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。

Originally he thought,Children are young and vigorous now,If you have a little ability, everyone in the world knows it,In case Lynn is like this too,Then he really has to think about terminating the game。
Unimaginable,This new transfer student is not only strong,He is also mature in dealing with people, unlike ordinary high school students。
In this case,He can continue the game with peace of mind。
Facts proved,Lynn did not lie。
In the next game,He didn’t show any excessive,as long asBClass stay ahead,Then he will enjoy the game like an ordinary student。
But onceAClass play,Tied the score,Then next moment,Lynn will break out immediately,Fully reflect the skills of professional players,Complete all kinds of incredible breaks。
To the end,AThe contestants in the class can also tell,To compete with such a monster,Don’t think about winning。
Just hello my hello everyone,Keep this point behind,Come to the end of the game in harmony!
It is with such thoughts,The second half of the game,It was directly played by the two classes of players into a joyful football without tension。
The whistle sounded until the end of the game,BClass cheers for victory,ABan took a sigh of relief,Finally, after the end of the game that made them feel helpless。
no way。
Facing such a monster,ABan really can’t see any hope。
Fortunately, the other party is very restrained,And didn’t go to the endAclass,otherwise,With that strength,I’m afraid it’s not like making a football match a basketball match。