Fang Xianjing saw that I was captivated by people,Angrily pinched my thigh:“Don’t be distracted,Drive well!”

“Giggle!”The three girls smiled dumbstruck when I saw my miserable treatment。
I slandered this female devil,In the car4A girl like a flower,I thought I would see them in swimsuits,I’m in a different mood。
Take them to the last swimsuit store,Liu Yanli and Li Jiajie did not accidentally choose a bikini,Lovely Jia Meiying chose a topless swimsuit,I thought Fang Xianjing, who was bold enough, would choose a bikini,But she chose the most conservative one-piece swimsuit in the store,Surprised me,I stepped forward secretly:“Sister,This dress is too conservative too,I’m not a jealous jar,Uncompromising。”
“cut!Don’t put gold on your face!”Fang Xianjing gave me a white look:“I have a few scars on my body,How can I show it to others?”
I suddenly realized,Can’t help but cry out,Wearing a bikini with her figure is absolutely sexy and charming,But I think of the senior sister wearing a mini skirt and black stockings,Happy again,That’s good too,My senior sister only shows off her style to me。
I asked when I went to the hot spring last time,Except for hotels in hot spring resorts,You can also rent a luxury villa not far from here,This time I have plenty of time,I brought4A girl,It’s interesting to live in a villa naturally,Mention them,Immediately received unanimous approval。
After driving to the Yiyun town of Huitang Town, after seeing a few houses,We ordered a villa that feels the best,The price is not expensive2day2580yuan,Villa decoration style is modern and luxurious,Unique。There is a small outdoor hot spring pool in the backyard。Each bedroom has a large balcony,Wide and comfortable。3There is a big outdoor balcony,The rippling Zilong Lake is close at hand,A panoramic view of the lush Dongwu Mountain,The picturesque scenery made us fascinated。
The only uncomfortable thing is,This villa has4Rooms,I wanted to live with Fang Xianjing,other3One per person,But she strongly opposed,Only me in the end、Fang Xianjing、Liu Yanli three each,Jia Meiying and Li Jiajie share a room,But this arrangement is okay,As long as Fang Xianjing is alone, I can take advantage of it。
When the time comes to noon, I propose to go to the supermarket and everyone chooses ingredients to make a dish,The other three happily agreed,Only Fang Xianjing was very upset with her face and mouth pouting,Last time we went camping,Whether this lady is clumsy or sits idly by, I know she must have never been in the kitchen,Ask carefully:“Sister,Have you really never cooked any dishes??”
Her airway:“Never done,Neither。”She doesn’t know how to cook by herself,With her strong temper,Where can I live on my face?。
I said:“Shall we make a tomato scrambled egg?,Simple and delicious,I promise to dial a little,You can learn in minutes with your ingenuity。”
“Really?”Fang Xianjing is happy immediately,Keep calling us to leave,Eager to try,Ready to show off,This before and after comparison is really uncontrollable。
We bought a lot in the supermarket,Stuffed the trunk full,Based on the characters of these girls,I bought a lot of beer naturally,This makes me happy and troubled,Since I checked my net worth,No matter what you buy, Fang Xianjing never rushed to pay the bill with me。