First941chapter Still the same place
In a blink of an eye came the day of the antique exchange meeting。
Talking about the capital of a country,It’s more than just nice in name,Many more things,Embodies its advantages。
Such as the various concerts here、Lots of entertainment。
The education and medical resources here must be very rich。
The various places to eat, drink and play here must be the biggest and best。
Including all kinds of gatherings,There are so many。
9Month,Shen Huan attended an antique exchange meeting,Now in a blink of an eye for a while,And the scale is bigger。
By coincidence,This is also the venue of the last antique exchange meeting——Castle Club。
At the door, Shen Huan still met the eldest son of Zhu Xirui who was politely welcoming guests。
Zhu’s makes Maoxiang Baijiu,In the prosperous era,Wine business is easy to do,So their family has accumulated200Billion in assets,Can be regarded as a rich man in ordinary industry。
And Zhu Xirui not only runs such a castle club by himself,He is also the largest imported beer merchant in Huajing City,Huajing Over4Foreign beer,All flow out from him。
Even German7Tian Xian Brewing Beer,It can also be placed on Huajing’s dinner table on the fourth day,You say people are bullish?
Time is not the most important,The most important thing is that imported food has an inspection period,It is impossible to release before the deadline,So usually this7It’s impossible for Tianxian Brewing to enter China before it expires.。
But Zhu Xirui can do it,The skills here are great。