“mom,You promise me first,You agree to my engagement with Shen Zhiyue,I won’t lose my temper。”

Shen Zhiyu smiled,Her brother is shameless。Other people’s proposals are always coming to the door to propose respectfully,Who would be like her brother,Actually forced her mother-in-law to marry her daughter。This face is thicker than the wall。
Shen Zhiyu finally held his smile,Shen Zhiyue suddenly kicked her calf,When she saw her brother’s face,Think of him as Lu Shanshan for a moment,I suddenly woke up later,This is her brother,Only her brother could be so absurd。
“Cough,Aunt Lin,Shanshan has been out of luck recently,Body is not good,Why don’t you give her joy。If you’re worried that we won’t get married first,Get engaged first。Engagement is also very festive。”
Shen Zhiyue saw that his sister was willing to assist,Happily hold sister immediately:“Big sister。You are very nice,I love you so much。”
Shen Zhiyu raised his eyes:“You don’t have to love me,I don’t want to be annoyed by you,You guys get married quickly。”
Shen Zhiyue loves to hear this,Nod immediately:“Thanks sister,We will get married soon。”
Shen Zhiyu helpless:“I have to follow‘Shen Zhiyue’Do ideological work,Otherwise I’m afraid she is too happy,Will run over to fix you。”
Since Shen Zhiyue changed this body,Always trapped in the hospital,Feel boring,Days are like years。He longed to be with Lu Shanshan。
“sister,You ask Zhiyue to see me more。”
“I will tie her if she doesn’t come。”
Lin Tong bowed his head to think about things,She always feels something is wrong,But can’t tell。Her daughter is in front of me,Her daughter is stubborn,But I have a very long view on the relationship,It’s never rare to fall in love。And now“daughter”I have always wanted to marry Shen Zhiyue,What’s more terrifying is that Shen Zhiyue’s sister Shen Zhiyu is also persuading,This sister scolded Lu Shanshan when she first came。But in a blink of an eye, the two of them are just like their sisters。
Lin Tong even suspected,The two people in front of me are really sisters。She is an outsider。
But soon Lin Tong scolded himself as stupid in his heart。Lu Shanshan was the child she gave birth to after a hard October pregnancy,How could it be someone else’s sister??But her daughter and Shen Zhiyu are too close, right?。Shen Zhiyu’s attitude towards her daughter is also a bit weird,It’s not like the older sister to the younger siblings。
Shen Zhiyue saw that he left Lin Tong in the cold,Pretend to be a good girl immediately:“mom,You eat too。This pastry is made with maltose,good for health。I also deliberately not let you eat out tonight,Let you stay in the hospital for dinner。”
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Seven Daughter-in-law
Lin Tong frowned and didn’t know what he was thinking,She lowered her head and slowly ate the bag picked up by Shen Zhiyue,Taste ok,But she seems to have no appetite at this time。
Finally ate the buns,Lin Tong raised his head and asked:“Can i see the mountain,I haven’t seen that kid for a long time,I miss him。”
Shen Zhiyue and Shen Zhiyu looked at each other nervously,Is the biological mother,Did Lin Tong discover something??