Casha after this,I directly raised my arm to Zez。

Void energy begins to spray,Subsequently from the body of Ruz。
then,Casa’s body is half,The action began to become ready to go。
next moment,The void energy among the Casa’s body began a violent surge.。
then,The ten voids flew out from her body,Then, the number of hops above the body of Ruz。
Ruz is also at this time,I realized that Casha did not fear the reason for their own。
wrong,Instead, Casha is not afraid.。It is better to say,On the other side, there is a more fearful thing on the other side.。
On the other side,Dalong。
If the Casa is not walking outwardly,So hisQSkill,I will have some playing on Dalong.。
Such situation,Dispersed damage is a small thing。But hatred to Dalong,This is a big event.。
next moment,Ruz’sESkills cool,Along with the action in his hand,A hairEQAlso shoot again。
but,ThisEQ,Because the reason you need to kick the hate range,Casha is not so good to avoid space to avoid it.。
finally,Casa was sent by RuisEQDirect hit,I took a large amount of blood.。
but,Casha also did not have the return division,Dulongkeng battlefield at this time,I have formed a short-lived1V1,Palace clearly thinks that he has not avoided the role。
next moment,Casha is directly flatAAfter the hand,Slightly squatted his body。
Along with his movement,The raging void energy is behind this,Two parallel void energy,Also flying from her body after this。
These two void energy constantly fly,Flying speed is very fast,The distance between and Riez is also close.。
finally,ThisWThere is no doubt that hit the body of Ruz。
ThisWInstant playing on the body of the Switz,Void Energy Print on the top of the head,It also reached five floors directly from the three floors.。
Void energy reaches five layers,I also quickly flocked to the body of Ruiday。
finally,Ruz’s blood,Therefore, directly dropped to half blood。
After this,The two are within the battlefield,Continuous exchange of output。
In general,There is still no difference between both sides.。
The skills of the two are almost empty.,Now it is completely watching the two sides who can rely on their own basic output.,Take the other side’s blood volume。
The blood volume of the two is constantly falling,Battlefield,Also gradually entered the stage of white heat。
Two people’s blood,Almost arrive at the same time200Blood amount of blood。
This blood volume,Both parties only need a wave of basic output,It is possible to directly empty the opponent’s blood。
Atmosphere on the field,Also became unbachanging after this。
but,Still no one is born,Both people have unlimited confidence to their operations。
so,They will not retreat,Will only choose this time point,Thoroughly divide a victory。
If you want to use a movie line to describe the scene of this moment……
Height、Early life and death。
next moment,Casa’s arm lifted,Void energy also starts after this。then,The void kinetility that sprayed is hopped on the body of the Ryz.。