Summer silence。

Similar thing,He sees too much.。
Ear Junhao,“If our ear can agree,Once you will leave the village tomorrow,These people will definitely not hesitate to launch you.,Today’s ancient weapon……Only Wu,No more。”
“I am tired of the ear.。”
Summer depth,“It’s really impossible.,I will leave tomorrow.,But also……Who kills who is not necessarily?。”
Toned,His eyes reveals a wiper,“I don’t understand some,Why do many people think,I will be killed by the so-called seven young holy,Instead of being killed by me?”
Ear Junhao Laughing,Ridicule,“There is no first in the text, no second,The ancient martial arts is like this,Under the premise of witnessing,No one will admit that they are weaker than anyone,This time, the seven young holy, obviously want to take you to open the knife.,Status in the future in the ancient current。”
He put his hand,“You and your heart stay here,I don’t have to use it for a few days.,Light will come。”
NS2512chapter Where is the confidence?
The next morning,Red Day East。
Small village,Full of local breath,Also full of vitality。
Midprint in the nest,啾,Heili willow,Fluttering。
Wild grass is fragrant,Everything is vivid。
Hundreds of people who came to this place,All faces,Three three two two widespread。
Today they can see the real road time。
Even those who have no auctions,It is also full of expectations at this moment.。
Because they come here,It means that there is an entry‘Ticket’。
Not everyone is so happy。
Ling unpaired and Luo Duo felt in dawn, have left the small village。
Their identity,Did you get a good location,I have no face to understand what is the time.。
The mood has lost one floor,I can’t afford the person。
But Haiyun Day did not take。
His back long bow and arrow,Face is gloomy,Under the hustle cluster of six divine brothers,Walking on the road of going up the mountain。
“I can’t walk。”
Haiyun Tian does not know that it is,Still explaining with the teacher’s brothers,“Although the same is seven young holy,But I can’t compare with the unparalleled and Luo Duo.,They can give up this opportunity,But I have to grab any opportunity to enhance strength。”
The brothers of the nephew whole are solemn,Their overall breath actually emerged a sad feeling。
“Brother,We all support you。”
The only woman opening in the field,The face is full of admiration,“Those gathers are high,I don’t know how difficult our little doors are sent.。”
The rest of the people did not speak,But nod。
“The reason why I am targeting,Indeed, I want to have some relationship with that person.。”
Haiyuntian shakes his head,Self-laugh,“But all this,It’s all for our martial art.,The man is the first person。”
Merely,His eyes reveal a few of the fanaticism,Brought a wire,“As long as you can get your eyes,Even if you call me a little bit?,Can you benefit me?,If I can become the first to break through the sacred,Did to the viable,It will be the first person in the entire ancient world.,At that time,Eligibility……”Merely,His eyes flashed in the depth,“The summer is there.?”