“It is better to choose a day.!”

Today, Niu Niu said that we must avoid it.,Su Yuhui can hit the muzzle。
What is going on,Still two of them say something!Can you bother yourself?。
Su Yuhui looked up at the sky,Tea,Drink the rest of the tea。
“It’s getting late,I want to come to my family, the yard, I should pack it.,Then I will go back first.!”
Finish,Su Yuhui。
Opportunities do not give Ye Xiu Ning rejected。
“Son,If we don’t let us give up.!I am looking at this Sujia girl and there is no excellent place.,Those of the city of Beijing,Which is not harmonious than her,Hold a home!Qin Qin Paintings These are not to say…”
“I am looking at you today’s words.!”
A sneeze in the nose,Can’t,The girl is very uncomfortable。
It’s hard to say that someone says your own bad words.。
Niu Niu smashed her nose。
“Four brothers,You are finally back!Don’t you say something??Used for so long?”
“And you can’t take it on this hand.!”
“I met an acquaintance on the road,I have been pulled two sentences!I will rush to the pavement.,It’s already closed.,I will buy it tomorrow.!”
“Row!I have made a few dishes in the kitchen.,Wash the hand to eat!I don’t know how they do it.!”
“it is good,you go first,I am here.!”
“Four brothers,I see that you have no help in this house.,I will show you a few people tomorrow.!”
“Need not,I live alone.,What is so many people do??”
“So a master,No one is like something like,And I am arranged,Definitely not ordinary people!Waiting for the four brothers, I will know.!Absolutely you need!”
Niu Niu crowded,It’s sincere in words.。
“Row,Then listen to your arrangement!”
Su Yuhui knows that his own rejection does not play a decisive role,Not as good as An An Xin。
http://www.0733shw.cnThis is right.!”
Niu Niu has been done for those who hide hiding.,I didn’t expect that things actually progressed so smoothly.。
She believes that her brother will never eat in the officialdom.,But I am afraid that there are some heart black.,In the dark。
So the force value,Said that the girl is also giving it up.。
Two brothers can play,I have arranged a lot of people.,What’s more, the four brothers are delicate bodybound!
“Hurry,Hurry,This can be brought from home from home.!Mother has a lot of thought.!I must watch you and eat it.!”
“This is brought from home?”
“Yup,Mother insists on bringing me!How to persuade!Fortunately, it is not too far.,Otherwise it will change it on the road.!”
“Niang is really a heart!”
Look at the eye,All the dishes when I love it at home.。
Yu Hui can’t help but count how http://www.fgkeo.cn long it hasn’t returned.。
Heart rises in the heart。