of course,Fang Yu is not a panacea……

Doctor Qiu finished the address,Fang Yu went to the nearby pharmacy to http://www.maidikuai.cn buy silver needles。
Take a taxi!
Fang Yu got out of the car,I saw a Volkswagen not far away。
“your car?”
Fang Yu asked。
“Travel……I don’t have much time to open!http://www.055411.cnUs doctors,No time to go out every day!”
Doctor Qiu said。
“Get in the car!That place is a bit old……Don’t care about it!”
Doctor Qiu said slowly。
Fang Yu nodded。
Then I smelled a burst of disinfectant in the car。
It really fits the doctor’s car。
I came to the place where I bought medicinal materials before,Fang Yu feels。
Where to go this time。
“It’s here!”
Fang Yu followed Doctor Qiu step by step,Saw Sasha’s place。