His martial arts behind him also retired。

Their face is all over http://www.leaderyoung.cn white.,The look is strong and unbelievable。
Summer staring in Wufeng。
At the same time, ten fingers of the hands suddenly。
Cock, two crispies。
The other two masters have violent。
(This chapter is over)
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First1560Chapter You must die
There is no big collision in the imagination。
Nothing to imagine a fierce battle。
Four masters of Wujia Heshi,Several spike。
Summer standing on the ground,The expression on the face is like a cold ice.,Indifference to the extreme。
Especially the doubles full of blood,Icy and ruthless,Full of violence。
Wufeng is no longer proud before,If you change, it is http://www.jvchuan.cn a colorful color.。
It is a four masters of the other party spike.,It’s too big to bring him.。
If he asks, if it is his own four masters,Even overcome,It will only be tragic……And the other party is almost spike。
How to fight!
Facing a step-step summer,His whole heart is trembling。
This is a dangerous perception from yourself.。
If you do your own and each other,Death!
“Me……We recognize……”
http://www.schongji.cn He uses the long sword horizon in the front chest,“Summer,Afterwards,You have a resilience with our martial arts……”
Heart is anger,Can be a small life,He has to bow。
Do not fight!
This is in this feudor in Lingfeng and other guards and the masters of the mountains.,Completely revealing complex colors。
At the same time, the color of Wu Feng。
His essence is completely taken by summer.。
It’s just on the spot.。
Just no one can see,Grandfather who stands up,Face is dignified to the extreme。
He is strength,It has been pericable that summer itself may have no states.。
Because the summer is also given to him a dangerous to the extreme feeling.。
That kind of cold,Cold blood,Violent and other breath even if the father is also moving。