“This is the Buddha Genolian Test Products!”

“Heaven,Actually, I took a Buddha angry.!”
The face of the emperor is gloomy,He didn’t think of Lin Feng directly, I went out of the Buddha Genlian directly between the battle between the younger brother.。
The golden big day has become the shape of the flowers.,Twelve petal golden petals,Form a golden lotus,Golden change demon,Beautiful,Beauty,However, this beautiful lotus is a fatal threat.。
Golden lotus flashes like lightning。
The sound of the gods and the sound of the gods fried in the void,A slice of a root is ten times more than hair,Even dozens of silver needles to rush to the figure of the magic brake,The speed reached an ultimate,Even if the Sky is difficult to avoid。
Angry roaring sound,Magic brakes,The horrible martial arts swept!
However, his martial art collapsed.,He hurriedly turned,Hold your head down,However, under the head is like a hundred million eating antly bite on him.,Although his meat shell is strong enough to unparalleled,But still resist this horror attack。
His figure is directly on the ground。
The beautiful golden lotus is still floating in the void,There seems to be a figuring Buddha, the knee is sitting on the lotus.。
In the moment, there is a brilliant,Beautiful lotus flowers gradually,Shooting the silver needle of the magic brake,More and more violent,Radiation range is getting wider。
Dongxing’s eyes look at the beauty of this witty,But a shadow suddenly falls from the sky.,Pick up the neck of Dongxing,Then his figure rushes in front of the magic brake,Prepare to take the magic brake,This almost hangs.,If it is the power of the Buddha’s angry explosion,That is not possible to live。
But in this moment, the horrible explosion sounds。
Black light,Destroy the breath。
Lin Feng,Dongxing,Magic Brake Three Person Dumping In terrorist black light,The sound of the knife sounds,Black light disappears,Lin Feng’s figure is standing,He is blood,And Dongxing and the magic brakes are not covered by the horrible black light.。
Lin Feng face,Mouth horns overflows a black blood。
“Lin Feng!”Bechang and night cold, running to Lin Feng in the field。
“I am http://www.allwcm.cn fine.。”Lin Feng touched the blood of the mouth,Then he kneel down the body and pressed the magic brake wrist.,A superb big-day mood is infiltrated into this person’s body。
The heart of this person has been wearing dozens of pinholes.,Only leave a breath with tenacious perseverance。
Although the competition is life and death,But this magic brake is really dead.,I am afraid I have a new event.,He Lin Feng is not afraid,But in this festival,Obviously not a wise choice,What’s more, Be Snow, you have to stay in the Miao.。
“Lin Feng,Hello!”The figures of the emperor have gone over the face:“Hello big hand!”
“Demon,Victory,Miao has a poison,People can naturally use hidden。”Niu Devils broke into the middle road。
“Humph!”魔 枭 冷 Humph。
“Take away,He can’t die,After we have a fight,I personally do him.。”Lin Feng http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn stood up and pointed to the magic brake of lying on the ground.,He has been explored,The body is worn by the hole,No silver needle in the body,Of course there is a poisonous,However, this highly toxic is directly absorbed by Lin Feng directly into the big day.。
This real gas has escaped the heart of the magic brake,Repair his wound,Can’t die。
“Man,Take away!”魔 枭 冷 冷。
“Yes!”Behind the emperor has come out of the strong people in two semi-steps,Lift the magic brake directly。
“Since this,This gamble is the victory of Dongxing,Demon,You have no opinion?”Lin Feng looked at the faint road。
“I have no opinion。”Cool cold road:“See you in your injured,I give you half a time to get the treatment time.。”
NS450chapter Dare to still dare
“Demon,shame on you,Lin Feng is injured in order to protect your brother.。”Niu http://www.bomexsolar.cn Devo wrinkled frown:“Where is the time for half an hour?。”
“哼!”Cool cold road:“Lin Feng,What do you think?If it is possible,I don’t mind let you get treated ten days and a half months.。”
“It can be able to,Just a ten years old。”The voice of the burial sword:“Simply squeezing this game。”