Especially Li Hui Rong is treating the black people.。

It seems really not soft,That is, that time Li followed his sight into his sight.。
“Hey,Fairy,Then let Li’s brother go.,If you think about it,In addition to such special existence this day,There should be no one can let Li’s brother will lose money.。”
Li Xianer is still something,But I saw Jin Mingwu said so.,What else doesn’t say more?。
“Lee brother,Then you are busy with you.,I am here here.,Don’t worry。”
Li Hui Feng heard Jin Mingwu said so.,I also nodded and left.。
Looking at the back of Li Hui。
Li Xianer asked some questions:“what happened?The background of Li’s brother is not simple?”
“What is not simple?,You forgot that Li Home can have the scale of today.,The reason why it can stand,Is it because what?”
“what?What you mean is that he is the existence?He can practice?”
Li Xianer was shocked by Jin Mingwu.。
“Yes,If I haven’t sure before,So now I am very sure that he is the existence,And only strong。”
“Because he is still young,His progress is still very large,So he just said that those words were actually given us a wake up.,That is what the emperor Li family can’t be not.。”
Li Xianer is now thorough。
But she didn’t say much.。
Because she understands that she is followed by Jin Ming Wu.。
Li Hui Ren again came to Han again,Let Han Shanshan are also a glimpse。
Han is also a little surprised。
“Xiao Li,How can you come back so fast??”
“Han Shu,I will come back this time I want to talk to you alone.。”
As soon as Li Hui said,That is, I don’t want to let Han Shanshan know what.。
I immediately invited Li Hui to go to my own study.。
Go into the book,Han is directly gently pressing the button next to it.,Li Hui Hui saw the wall of the wall and falling into a layer of soundproofing device.。
“Xiao Li,Say,There is no one in the sound here.。”
“Han Shu,Then I will open the door.,I want to know what Han Jia and Emperor Li Jia.,I heard that this time is the emperor Li Jia want to deal with you.。”
This issue for Li Hui Feng asked,Han did not feel unexpected。
After all, there is also the Jinjia and Magical Lijia.。
To want to enter the share, it is also a changing bundle.。
“Han Jia and Li Jia have no contradiction,But Han has a contradiction with Chen Jia,Chen Jia and Li Jia,So some time to deal with a family is just a word,A timely rise。”
“Xiao Li,I will quit it.,Originally, Han Shu did private heart,Also don’t worry about you,After all, I will be such a baby.,After I enter the share, the shares are also her.,So Korean is defeated.,At least Han Shanshan, this girl is not defeated。”
“Another one is that there are too many women around you.,I am afraid that Shanshan’s big character is uncomfortable with them.,This is also the back path to her.。”
“okay,I can say these,Han’s things are not related to you,Don’t care,You will tell them that I quit.,Not in stock。”
Li Hui Feng does not know if Han is here to be refunded.。
But he knows that he is really good for Han Shanshan.,Han is also true for Han Shanshan。
“Han Shu,I want to combine Korean medicine companies.,Then touched Li Jia hard,Do you have confidence??”