Qin Liang said with confidence。

“I can tell,Those girls are all very brave warriors。”
Tan Xiaoyan nodded and said。
“This is definitely,Let Yanzi tell you the story of Liu Xiaoyun in the future, you will know,to be honest,Few of us,Including the fate of swallows,She was once rescued。”
Qin Liang couldn’t help but began to praise Liu Xiaoyun again。
“Wow!So amazing!”
Tan Xiaoyan was really surprised,Liu Xiaoyun seems to know that he is still young,I didn’t think she was so amazing。“This girl,Entering the operating room for rescue is as casual as going out shopping,One her,A Yang Shiyun,Oh,correct,Forgot to tell you,Yang Shiyun is not only the military instructor of our Rose Army,And she is also the director of the public security department in charge of criminal work in Haishang City Public Security Bureau
Qin Liang also introduced Yang Shiyun by the way。
“Good guy!Director of Public Security!”
Tan Xiaoyan was surprised again……She thinks the Legion of Roses is simply a place where the dragon and the tiger are hidden,Director of Public Security again,Group president again,Film superstar again!
“The Legion of Roses will be expanded soon,At that time, you will each lead a group of female soldiers,and so,You are going to work hard again,Is your injury really healed??do not lie to me,to be frank。”Qin Liang asked seriously。
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One thousand five hundred and forty eight chapters Female killer
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“Already cured,but……I feel physically weaker than before,This is the truth,I guess my vitality has lost a bit。”Tan Xiaoyan answered truthfully,In fact, she suffered very badly last time,Although his life is saved,But I’m already badly injured,Otherwise, the base will not treat her as an excellent dragon soul warrior,Transferred from the first line of combat to the second line,I did this for the sake of protecting her life,after all
After she was seriously injured,The combat effectiveness is already much worse than before,She still needs a long period of training and conditioning,In order to completely and truly restore the body to its previous state。
“It’s ok,When we return to Haishang,I will take you to the Taoist temple of my master,Ask him to help you see,Guaranteed to treat your body well,Don’t worry。”