Jiang Fan said:“Not used to going home without you。When will you get home tomorrow?Tomorrow is saturday。”

Ding Yi said:“I guess it might be afternoon,such,I’ll give you some tasks,Brother called me last week,He is cleaning up the old house,He confiscated the books I dried on the balcony,He said he didn’t know where to put it for me,You go to the old house to participate in voluntary labor tomorrow,By the way, put my things in the bookcase under the second bookcase,and also,The sunflowers in the yard are probably also withered,Go collect some flower seeds,I will plant it in the flower pond of the orphanage next year,As turf flower。”
Jiang Fan said:“Do you want to use this method to pass my time?”
Ding Yiqi smiled and said:“Even if it is。”
“it is good,Madam’s Order,I will clean up the base camp for you tomorrow。”
at night,Jiang Fan was washing his clothes,Clean up the house,mop,Vacuum,wipe the table,After he cleaned up his house,Had breakfast the next day,I drove to the old house in the west of the city。
Just entered the community compound,I saw Du Lei’s car parked outside。He knew it might be Lu Yuan。Lu Yuan often comes to clean up the old house,This habit has been maintained for many years,after all,There is a yard,Let a girl like Ding Yi clean him up,So he comes to clean up almost every week。
The courtyard door is empty,He opened the door,I heard something clanging in the house,The puppy heard Jiang Fan’s footsteps,Standing at the door of the house long ago,Shook his head and tailed at him,Lazy voice in his mouth。
Jiang Fan obviously feels that the puppy is old,It’s too old to move,If in peacetime,It ran over to make friends with Jiang Fan,But at the moment it is just standing at the door,Unwilling to take one more step。
Lu Yuan poked his head out of the window on the first floor,Said:“coming。”
Jiang Fan replied:“coming,What are you smashing?”
Jiang Fan said,Bent over and picked up this puppy,Walk into the house。
Lu Yuan said:“Last time i came,I found a few bolts were broken,In addition,After a rainy season,Some windows are not closed tightly,This time the special tool is here,The tide is closed,Can be repaired。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Looking at the screwdriver on the windowsill、Tools such as axes,Said:“Wooden doors and windows,Really easy to deform,You are here alone,Xiaohu didn’t follow?”
Lu Yuan said:“Of course he wants to follow,Du Lei kept doing homework at home。”