This is proven by many examples。

This is a charity event,But this charity event is for business services。
There is no love for no reason in this world。
Charity is just an investment。
After every household in this village put enough food and medicine,The fleet starts again,To the next village,Continue the previous behavior。
Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu don’t just hand out bread,All went into battle to carry food to the homes of the hungry locals。
It’s a pity that there is basically no internet in this place,Otherwise, it can be broadcast live。
But these contents were all filmed in,Cut out some of the piercing shots,That’s a perfect charity act。
The advancement of a village by a village,Times of Day,This team distributed food to more than a dozen villages。Qiyan reading
low efficiency。
But there is no alternative,They have tried their best to speed up,Can only do this。
None of these villages has an administrative system,Can do this because they bring a lot of people。
After the food is distributed,,The team retreated,Withdrawn to that resort。
It was already past nine o’clock in the evening when I withdrew。
I have to go back later,Otherwise there is no place to live。