Bow and arrow。

Three-point arrow shot。
First round of the third quarter,Pacers score first!
It is worth mentioning that,Pacers won in the first half49Inside,Have29Xu Xuan took the points alone,This third quarter comes up,Xu Xuan’s single game score has come30+Up!
Xu Xuan’s score in this game may break through the sky again。
“Every critical moment,This kid is coming,Is it a bomb??I said it was fried。”
The old man is a bit speechless to Xu Xuan。
Cavaliers offense。
Old man coming over with the ball,Find Owen directly。
It’s a pity that the ball was blown away。
The referee is fair。
Xu Xuan wants to give the three referees a thumbs up,It was the first time he saw an old man break through and be blown away。
But this time it’s really obvious。
Xu Xuan counted on the big screen,step、Two steps、Three steps、Four steps、Five steps.So quickly holding the ball and ran away。
The old man is tired,I don’t even want to luck the ball。
Looking back。
Xu Xuan gave the ball to pickled peppers。
Pickled peppers sacrificed a lot in this game,Almost no active offense,All his energy is put on fighting James。