Huang Lei is already running fast at this time,There is a small car next to him that he hid under the grove beforehand,Just to prevent this from happening。

Got in the car,accelerate,Rushed many laps quickly。
Of course,In the voice channel, labor and management are still talking crookedly,Look at the small green dot in the upper right corner,Can see labor and management、The little girls riding a panda and watching the sun are not far from them300Meter,Hidden in a small building next to。
“You come out first。”
Drove the car downstairs,Huang Lei spoke to the voice channel。
I don’t know if he talks less,Speak this time,The chicks who are riding the pandas and watching the sun and the murderous gods have come from2Jumped down。
Labor and management will naturally not jump,Huang Lei also expected that the other party would not listen to him,What even Huang Lei said,The other party will just do it。
So fine,What Huang Lei wants is this effect,Seeing the chick who is riding a panda and watching the sun and the murderous god is white,Huang Lei immediately took out a grenade and threw it in。
Hold it in your hand and wait a few seconds before throwing it in,This is not,Just throw it in and explode with a bang。
The mentality of labor and management collapsed,Swear directly。
He is not dead,Lying on the ground waiting for someone to save。
The little girl riding a panda watching the sun and the murderer Bai Qi did not go up to help him,I guess I know it all this moment,Labor and management leave,Maybe the quietest for them,The most comfortable。
“Believe it or not, I’ll report you?”Threats of labor and management。