It seems to feel the pulsation of the world。

His whole person is with it.。
But this state is not friendly to him.。
Every step is falling,Heartbeat,The blood on his face has gradually pour,The heart seems to jump out of the throat.。
at this moment,He feels his body,Soul,Think,Heart,They are all controlled by an invisible presence.。
This existence is rough,Magnificent,Tiandi universe。
Too much sense!Summer’s mind has naturally emerged four words。
That is a state mentioned in Ghost Valley Discourse。
In fact。
There is also too much induction of this vocabulary in contemporary。
Too,The reason is that too old,Taoist Supreme,Laozi also。
And so-called too much sense,It is a kind of natural,Xuanzhi and Xuan,Vacuum,Miao-vacuum,Take the state of the world。
Just this statement is too fantastic,Never reached this state。
Use popular words,Just integrate yourself into the heavey,Feel the world’s view of http://www.weixin008.cnthis world。
Therefore,This kind of statement is only in the literal record.。
People are people,How can I integrate into the world?。
However, the summer is coincidental in the chance.,Entering this mysterious and mysterious state。
He can enter this state,An accidental,It is also inevitable。
first,His will power is too strong,I have never given up since I。
Desperate,Straight and other emotions are also constantly giving birth,The deepest obsession,But always support。
Second,He originally‘Psychic imitation’Ability。
In the past,Summer usually imitating someone thinking,Other perspective,The perspective of others to see questions and thinking。
So many times,Some people feel special in summer‘Demon’。
Just,Summer has little to use this ability.。
the reason is simple。
I didn’ t think what I just started.,But time for time,The disadvantage has appeared。
Long time imitation others,Will make your own mentality and character of unknown changes。
Sometimes doing things in action,It will not help into the introduction of someone’s personality and judgment.。
Summer is suspected,If you have always used the soul imitation,I am finally afraid I will become a madman.。
So after you have used this ability.。
And now in this darkness,His ability is inspired by unconsciousness.。
Another most important factor。
Long-term spiritual fatigue,And this boundless darkness,Become the incentive。
He really seems to be integrated into the world.,Reached the heaven。
I feel all of myself in summer.,Are the harmony like that,It’s so……Distorted。