Xue Qing did not hold Shen Xuan asked。

Wu Xiuxiu heard,The whole person is not good.,Looking at Xue Qing,Smashed the eyes:“Xue Qing,what do you mean,What is I can do an image ambassador?,Follow you this http://www.industrialgloves.cn way,Image ambassador should give you?”
“Give me,I can do it well.,Certainly not bad than you。”
Xue Qing smiled slightly,Ask:“or,This image ambassador gives me?”
Wu Xiu Xiu immediately refused,Tangible:“This is the position of Xuan Ge to me.,I can’t give you,Any, it’s my!”
“Straw,Two women are jealous in front of Xuan Ge.!”
“That is not,Now our Xuan Ge is a hand,How many people have to grab him!”
“Unfortunately, Lin is not,if not,Lin girl is the best image ambassador,Pretty,Generous,Unauthorized!”
The people in the live broadcast said that they suddenly started to talk about Lin Wei.。
The woman who is not in the live broadcast,Still in touching everyone’s memories。
Shen Xuan looked at the barrage,I can’t help but expose a touch of sadness.,But immediately returns to normal。
http://www.zqzhongxin.cn He is a man!
More zoo!
In the future, you can’t feel sad.,Struggle!
“All right,Don’t quarrel。”
Shen Xuan Doraded two people,Say:“Xiu Xiu’s mellow temperament is suitable for image ambassador,Xue Qing, you are more calm.,Just manage the zoo together,This is called each other,Do things hard,Exert,Don’t be noisy!”
Shen Xuan has long thought of it.,Xue Qing is a deputy,Can help yourself,so,His pressure is much smaller!
“it is good,Xuan Ge,I’ll listen to you。”
Xue Qing agreed to,“Definitely help you manage the zoo!”
Shenxuan nodded,Say:“Tomorrow, you will come to the first new person.,By the time,You are responsible for receiving,By the way, get a little more detailed information,The more detailed, the better!”
Xue Qing is solemn,she knows,This is my own test.,Shen Xuan this person,What do you not say on your mouth?,But actually,Watch everything in your eyes,If the performance is not good,Will definitely be criticized by the public。
“咚……Old King’s big brother gives a new rocket!”
http://www.ygmc100.cn “咚……Old King’s big brother gives a new rocket!”
“咚……Old King’s big brother gives a new rocket!”
suddenly,A rocket in the live broadcast,A familiar person suddenly appeared in the live broadcast。
“I go,This is an acquaintance.!”
“Old King’s big brother is not coming for a long time.,This shot is a hundred rockets!”
“Straw,Xuan Ge’s card is really big.,One hundred rockets have!”
“Xuan Ge,You don’t mean it.,The zoo is approved.,I don’t tell me.!”
The old king’s brother seems very dissatisfied,When you send a barrage,Express your dissatisfaction!
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