same,Planar wars have a great influence on the main god,But the main god himself cannot intervene,If there is Dzogchen as the main divine messenger,Join the plane war,Have a great impact on the outcome。If there is a Dzogchen upper god as the main god messenger,Among the seven main gods where the main god is,The right to speak will be improved。

Second come,The main gods can become the main gods,More because of luck,Not long after the opening of Heaven and Earth, he gained the Lordship,Then refined to become the main god。And become the main god,Blessing with the power of faith,It is also unique to realize the law。But even so,Most of the main gods have not entered the realm of Dzogchen,Most of the law perception is equivalent to the peak level of the palace lord。Deep in their hearts,There is also a trace of respect for Dzogchen。
Soon these high-ranking gods flew over。
“Mr. Lieshan,I represent my host,The Lord Yan Yu of the Life God Realm,Invite you……I wonder if you are willing to be the messenger of my master?”This is a man wearing Yanyu Army armor,But the amazing man said。
“Mr. Lieshan,My host,Master of the Star Sea of Hell,Invite you……My master is the second strongest in hell,Second only to ruin and master。What kind of main artifact you want to ask for,Lord God he will definitely agree。of course,Only one piece。Power of the Lord God……The Lord God will not be stingy。”
“Mr. Lieshan。。。”
“Lord Lieshan。。。”
For a time,There are eleven main god messengers representing the eleven main gods behind them,Sent an invitation to Wright。
After Wright understood his explosive strength,Surely there will be a master god invite him to become a messenger,He was prepared for this。But I still didn’t expect it to be so fast,The messenger of the main god came to invite—Don’t you discuss with your own master god。
Of course Wright doesn’t know,Not every one of these main god messengers has been in contact with the main god,But those main gods have already given orders to the main god messengers,If there is a strong Dzogchen level,Must be as soon as possible。
Among the strong men who woo Wright,Among the highest,Is the messenger of thunder and lightning,Wright vaguely remembered that the power of the Thunder Master was also extremely strong.,There is a god clone of the big landlord god,Dominated by the seven elements,Strength is second only to the light dominates。
And the most sincere,Is a messenger under the command of the middle lord of the underworld,According to him。The desperate Lord God is willing to give the position of two Lord God messengers。This is so-called giving the position of the two main god messengers,It means Wright can ask for a master artifact for his relatives and friends,Use one by yourself。
“Everyone,I have no plans to become the messenger of the Lord God。”Wright saw the warm invitation of the powerful masters behind,Shook his head and refused。